edinburgh nightAlternative Theatres:

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

short-term summer abroad course

August 9-23, 2017


  • Experience the largest theatre festival in the world.
  • See cutting-edge performances from around the world.
  • Choose from 3000 daily productions in over 300 venues.
  • Earn up to 6 hours of transferable college credit.
  • Interact with knowledgeable faculty and guest artists.
  • Explore Edinburgh and the spectacular Scottish Highlands.


For more information, email dsack@english.umass.edu


Check out this video by alumna Emily Ross: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VstdWsg_RCg



A life-changing experience!

~Daniel Kadish, UMASS, Amherst

This course provided the perfect opportunity for me to study abroad because going abroad for a year or a semester was not an option for me.  The information I have come away with has been invaluable.  The city is amazing and the accommodations are wonderful.  All the venues and tourists sites were within an easy walking distance.  The schedule is flexible, even in the first week, such that I felt I could always get to the shows I wanted and have time to relax, eat, and be a tourist. 

~Karen Houchen Sise, Smith College

I thought most of my peers would have already known each other, and I would be an outsider. And while they could all relate to each other being from the same place in the US, I never felt isolated from anyone. If anything I felt I made genuine connections with students and faculty that I never expected to make, and the group was so diverse and interesting, it was a pleasure to get to know everyone I could. . .Overall this course challenged my conventional ways of thinking, opened my artistic horizons, introduced me to a beautiful country with an interesting culture, and brought my back home with a broader mind and a desire to go back and do it all again!

~Kelly Brennen, U of Oregon

The freedom and the amount of downtime we had was perfectly balanced with the amount of time we spent together as a whole group; we were free to make our own decisions and do our own things, as adults, and weren’t completely bound by the “school group” environment. However, we were not on a vacation; we were there to study and learn about theatre in what was definitely an immersive experience. All of my questions from before the trip were answered as I took the trip day by day, and I found that I quickly grew acclimated to the area, as if I had lived there for years. The feeling of being overwhelmed had left me instantly as I quickly enjoyed this wild, two-week ride.  

~Erica Risti, UMASS Amherst

I am extremely grateful for how this trip changed me as a thinker and artist, and would highly recommend to any person that has an interest in the arts to embark on a fulfilling, stimulating, and incredibly unique experience at the Fringe.  

~Christian Meola, FSU